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Advertising & Marketing Campaign 

I worked on a live brief for the Red Bull Amaphiko campaign. Proposing a strategy and recommendations on how to achieve the brief's objectives. The idea was then pitched to the client (Red Bull Amaphiko) and a representative from Mindshare. 

Campaign Objectives:


Our recommendation was composed of:

  • Market analysis

  • Key issues

  • Pen profiles of their target audience

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Creative Strategy

  • Budget

  • Evaluation 

  • To raise awareness and understanding of the Academy among the core target audience in order to drive 500 quality applications.

  • Raise awareness of the Academy amongst the Gen Z audience to educate them about Red Bull’s Social Innovation programme in the UK.


Red Bull Amaphiko is a brand that develops the innovative and sustainable organisations grassroot social entrepreneurs have started. They provide guidance and mentoring through the help of Red Bull Amaphiko program, giving the social entrepreneurs ideas wings to grow, enabling them to have an impact on solving problems in their community.

Target Audience

(Attitudes and Behaviours)

  • Have already established their enterprise

  • Socially Conscious

  • Strongly motivated towards the project’s vision

  • Entrepreneurial mindset

  • Connected to the community/problem that the project deals with or benefits

Consumer Insight


"Young people are becoming increasingly more aware of the negative impact consumerism is causing and the knock-on effect it is having on our planet." (Francis and Hoefel, 2018)


Be The Change

Desired Response

  • We want grassroots social entrepreneurs to apply for Red Bull Amaphiko academy with their current projects and innovative solutions. 

  • Create awareness of the Red Bull Amaphiko Academy, amongst the socially conscious Gen Z's to increase the engagement and recognition of the brand.

Reasons to Believe:

Red Bull Amaphiko's ethos is to give wings to people to help them achieve the things they aspire to accomplish and their ideas.

Brand Personality:

The academy is a unique and energetic platform with a creative and ambitious purpose that will help social entrepreneurs in expanding their projects.

New Creation Spring/Summer 19 - Marketing Campaign

I have been experimenting using Facebook and Instagram Ads for New Creation to test what type of campaigns work best in achieving my marketing objectives, whether that be optimising for brand awareness, conversions, traffic or engagement.


The primary goal of this campaign was to increase brand awareness by using lookalike audiences and to achieve purchase conversions by retargeting customers who had visited content on our website by tracking Facebook Pixels events such as add to basket or view product. As there was a very limited budget to work with, the potential reach wasn't as much as I would have liked but nevertheless, this taught me to achieve the maximum capability from a small budget and achieve lower CPC where possible.

Google Ad Words

I also attempted using Google Ads to gain an understanding of how paid search works, learn how to operate the system and achieve higher click-throughs and conversions on my website. Google Ads was also effective in driving more traffic to my website and reach potential consumers already in the market looking to purchase clothing by using keywords and search phrases related to my business.  

Heinz - It has to be Heinz 

D&AD New Blood Awards 2019 Submission

Campaign Proposition


"Don't Replace the Irreplaceable - It has to be Heinz"

The Big Idea

This campaign's aim is to reinforce Heinz as the essential condiments brand, in a satirical and comedic fashion, indirectly mocking other condiments companies and products for being disappointing and not living up to expectations.

Consumer Insight

  • From our primary research, consumers recognise that Heinz is the first choice when it comes to sauces as their taste and heritage are attractive qualities to their audience

  • The only reason they wouldn't buy Heinz condiments is to buy cheaper alternatives which provides our biggest issue

Reason to Believe

  • Heinz has been the greatest for150 years and everybody knows it

  • It's thicker, made with organic ingredients and has a different condiment for ever individual

  • Heinz has consistently been a family favourite

Desired Response

  • Strengthen the notion within the consumer's mind that Heinz is the Number 1 brand for condiments

  • We want to deter consumers from buying cheaper alternatives

  • We aim to see an increase of market share and profits worldwide

Tone of Voice

Witty, sarcastic and comedic

Anthony Joshua x Coty Inc.

Fish 4 Dogs - Man's Best Friend

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